Last week I turned the big three oh. The day after I was moving a little slow ( too much red wine on the evening of a thirtieth birthday..I'm sure that has never happened to anyone else).

Ila and I went down to the park by the water  so that we could breath some fresh salt air. It helped us both a lot. I posted on Instagram a lot about it because it was so nice. 

Then we went to the thrift store where we both made out like bandits for under $25. 

Yes that is a baby fanny pack and a pair of diaper bloomers that coincidentally has my best friends daughters name embroidered on the butt.

Now she is napping and it's quiet in here. I am listening to my playlist that I made for last night (here). 

Here are some snaps of what's around and what's new.

I have been using that Traverse City canvas tote bag as my purse for a while now. I have one other really nice brown leather bag, but I do not own a black leather purse. Enter my thirtieth birthday present to myself... here. <3 But now I am wondering if I want it in Navy too?

Also under my TC tote is a sweater I have been wearing a lot from Madewell. Here. It's cool no?

And that pillow is from Furbish - here


The weather has been insufferably hot; I mean I just refuse to go to a pumpkin patch in shorts. Thankfully today it cooled down and has been cloudy. Phew. No more shorts. I just bought these jeans from etsy and they make me bum look really great for a 30 year old lady I have to say (Her whole shop is super cute. Plume Canyon)

Random mix of fall stuff on my bookshelf including this new mirror here.

That's a lot of links. Apparently I have a lot of new stuff. 

Also the bowl of sunscreen stays out year round. It's pretty handy to have right by the front door.

So that's thirty!