Laura Bear Wants ...

please and thank you

The Holiday plans are starting to be set and I need thanksgiving and holiday party attire options. 
The Mira Heel was my Holiday shoe purchase, therefore I am planning thanksgiving and christmas around the idea that I will be wearing these. I also think a chic pair of flats to throw in my bag would be nice to have too ... I'd like to wear these socks with any of those shoes so bad. 

1 Sweater OR the mens is good too- I want this roomy enough to eat + drink + be merry but I also do not want it to look too sloppy. Fit is key. I plan to order up in size which ever style I go with (THIS H&M beaded option is a fancy touch!) 
2 striped shirt or this one that has a titch of stretch
3 gold lame skirt 
4 Mira Heel 
5 Cropped Black Trouser 
6 Beatrice Valenzuela Slip-on
7 Everlane Loafer
8 Brother Vellies Woodstock Patchwork Sandal 
9 Polk Dot Trouser Socks 
10 Gold Star Trouser Socks

Hoping I can dress for a few parties with this combo!