Laura Bear Christmas

The 2015 Holiday's are here!


Cannot believe it is Christmas week! 

We had a busy weekend christmas shopping (on saturday at 2pm; toys-r-us and target what WERE we thinking! ). We left ila with my dearest friend Hilary while Nate and I grabbed a drink and a bite (eating without a child is SO easy!) and christmas shopped. We also jammed in a trip to Roger's Garden that weekend because it's a Christmas tradition. Ila saw santa. :)

On Sunday I went to a cookie swap at a friend's house... This is the second year in a row that I have slapped some cookies together at the last minute. Not really the best idea when you are bringing them to the host who is a published cookbook author. Good news; they tasted delicious and the party was just lovely... the bad news is they were slightly over cooked and my decorating job was easily accepted as ila's handy work.  

With today marking the official start of vacation, we have a few loose ends to wrap up all while trying to relax and drink holiday drinks. Mainly wrapping and cleaning the house needs to happen. Although tonight there is a mysterious smell in the laundry / utility area that we suspect is from all the rain we had today.  I'm just ignoring that and burning candles. A plumber the day before Christmas eve just sounds like too much to throw on top. I hope things are relaxing for you this week.

Ps... Here is our tree in 2014 , 201320122011 and 2010.