The Channel Islands - Santa Cruz

<3 So amazing! 

Once Ila is older, or if we ever luck out on a solo mom & dad trip, we will go Kayaking. The spelunking! And we will MOST definitely be bringing our snorkels next time.

The water was crystal clear. And I do mean absolutely translucent. Un. Real. 

From the variegated soil- white sand so bright it hurt your eyes, cracked and dry dirt that looked like what I imagine a dinosaurs skin to look like, solid rock... to the craggy coast that followed us our whole hike, Santa Cruz blew my mind. We kept to a relatively small area of the island, docking at Scorpion Harbor and hiking out from there. 
2.4 miles into the hike ila started asking for the beach and her pu-puit (swim suit). I was right there with her. But the hike to Potato Harbor was well worth it; and ila fell asleep as we got to it. We had 45 min of uninterrupted staring + sandwich eating time. It was truly the essence of the word magnificent. 

We did this trip in a day, taking off from Ventura. I can't wait to go back!