And we're out!

Well it's official, we are finally moving into a 2 bedroom house and you heard it here first!

The house is a cute little bungalow with, did I say, 2 BEDROOMS. I am pretty excited about this, because we have been sharing a bedroom with our once baby now toddler and that has been a challenge. 

The house is a bit of a shell, really needs updating and some love. Because we are just renting and do not own, I am going to do as much "updating" within a budget as possible, all while trying to stick to things that we can take with us when it comes time to move again down the road. But I have to say, the biggest thing I am excited about with this home is the fact that I can see us staying here for 5 years+. This is a long term move that I am so ready for. We have lead a pretty transient lifestyle since we started college... michigan, nyc, orange county, chicago, los angeles all in the span of 8 years. It's time to slow down. SO EXCITED. 

SO I am going to be pinning and posting some of the updates I plan to do to our place. The kitchen will be the biggest overhaul because honestly I will sink a little money into something that we use and love everyday. But I'm starting with the bathroom because it is an all white space that really just needs brighter lighting as the biggest update. We may replace the faucet and tub fixtures as well because they looked pretty janky... but I am still trying to decide where to go there. Black? Brass? 

But here are the things in my cart right now that i am getting ready to slowly pull the trigger on. 


Stay tuned for more room updates and before and after photos. You can follow along on pinterest here. (Bathroom Board here) We are moving in over the course of the next month (hello paying double rent, ouch). SO it's a slow transition that we are all ready for. 

Shower Curtain | Light + Fan Combo | Hooks | Shelf | TP holder | Curtain hooks | Towel bar | Rug | Stools | Towels | Laundry Basket