bake sale

I woke up this morning and it looked like they were huddled together on the night stand; they must sleep close to keep warm at night. They must have been just getting up too.

A brisk walk to the water with coffee to wake up

and these guys, all the palms, they seemed to be huddled in groups as well! Was I the first one up around here?

once we all woke up - a brisk drive through the hills to go hiking

it seemed as if even the grasses were reaching up stretching.
breathing in the breeze of a beautiful morning!

so we arrived in the forest and everywhere were carpets of green!

but then... it opened up to lovely huge sand castles !! ♥ ♥ ♥

they loomed over us as we sat and enjoyed the silence

after turning to walk back, it felt like an entirely different trail!

The path seemed quite narrow, and more trees seemed to be around. Maybe they were just more comfortable with us, now that we had been in their forest for a while.

So they came out from every corner to have a good look at us...

So to top it all off, as if it even needed toping!

there, at the end of the trail, lit from the dappling sunlight through the leaves, was a....
bake sale!
Right there! At the end of the trail!

Who has a bake sale in the forest on a Sunday morning?

Blessed little children who are raising money for charity do.

best dollar I ever spent - 1 Rice crispie Treat, 1 red velvet cupcake for him and a tiny cup of coffee to share!

after we got home from our hike we walked to the grocery store and got caught in the rain! isn't that just lovely!

a lastly to end the day... in a baked good kind of way...

two hoho's and some, not all!!!, of a Ben & Jerrys - "everything but the.." pint...

what a lovely day!