a minor colour coordination obsession

sarah has always been my organizational mentor
her motto's being dropped here and there, but sticking with me forever... such as

"it is better to have less stuff, and more organization"

While the more organization part I am consistently working on,
the less stuff-thing is still the hardest part.
BUt, since moving to nyc, I have to say that I condensed my possessions to about half as much as there was in grand rapids!
[did you know i had, and kept for a while, a Mens size 10 pair of roller skates, thinking, "some day Nate will really be glad I kept these", yeah.. sooo not going to happen]
still, I have more stuff than most people accumulate their whole lives.

Another inspiration of mine is my parents. I have no memory growing up, of there being clutter. Perhaps in the basement, but that was our turf.
How, with three girls and that much stuff, could there always have been a clean coffee table and a dust free book shelf?
my mom is amazing that's why.
The dishes were usually done right after dinner...implementing an understanding that a kitchen is cleaned before bed-time, something that I still have a very hard time doing. usually my dishes get done some random afternoon when I have an hour to spare and no more clean forks left.

Alas, they say your 20's are an impressionable age, one of high hopes aspirations dreams, therefore I will impression myself with these clean living ideas.
  • less is more
  • everything has its place
  • do the dishes the day they are dirtied
But one thing I do love is decorating, organizing, and color coordinating...

Here is a prime example of my struggle with clutter....

Why did I feel it was necessary to take this trash-bound children's chair off the street and give it a home? WEll, the first thing I thought when I saw it was, "that would be a great way to get my hat box off the floor"
am I less than 3 feet tall? no
am I a kid? no
do I have children? no
and so why did I take a chair, that sits 1 1/2 feet off the ground, home and clean it up, for my hat box....?

something is seriously flawed in my reasoning, I am sure. But it cleaned up nice.
My home is full of little "necessary objects" such as this chair. hmmm... still working on that less is more thing Sarah.

but I DO enjoy having a made bed everyday. It makes being home much more organized feeling, and it makes getting into bed feel much better. ... something both my mom and Aunt Debbie raised me to do well.

again with the color coordination obsession....