winking takes practice

My Mom is a great winker... it is always a heart felt wink. one that says "i getcha" "i love you" and "that's cool" all in the swift blink of one eye.

i remember my grandma being the first winker i ever noticed and enjoyed. and it is from her i am sure my mom has inherited her swiftness.

winking and i, well we are still getting used to each other. at kids, no problem, but with such fine and all around perfect execution, such as my grandma and mom have, well i am just not there yet.

now what i do have and i have caught myself more than a few times doing when in deep concentration, ...chewing the inside corner of my lip.
you know where i get that from? Aunt DEBBIE...... fer SHER!
Maybe it was instinctual, growing up around her so much and seeing her do it ... I probably thought it was an "adult thing " to do, like crossing your legs, or having a headache, now a days i cross my legs cause it is comfortable, but I often it? and then... am i cutting off the circulation to my little veins?
am i giving myself that bite bump inside my lip?
i can remember crossing my legs in Mrs. Coffee's class, 2nd grade, thinking how adult and lady like i felt. Does that carry through to today?

hmmm.. so who knows if i do any of that because of some deep psychological/ genetic reason, or if its just a habit, like tapping your leg, or picking your toe nails (which both Rick and Nathan do and it bugs both me and Kathy extremely).
but its funny to see it run through the generations :)

now that's a wink!...