Bridal Shower!!!

Oh it was so amazing. Diane made it truly beautiful BEAUTIFUL!
Thank you Diane for the magnificent shower. Wonderful!!!!
Diane, you really should throw parties and weddings for a living, share your talents with the world!!!!!!!!

Mom making me tea before the shower. And Coco thinking its a treat for her (always) ;)

The boxes on the tables are our lunches wrapped in a bow with a zinnia on top.
  • Chicken salad (DELICIOUS chicken salad with dried cherries and so much flavor oh yum) PLus it was on a croissant
  • veggie chips in a cute little yellow bag
  • A Chinese take out box filled in a perfect proportion of Coleslaw with a twist (yummmmmyness with a kick so yummy in fact, Jessica ate all of hers in some very large bites and preceded to eat some of mine too... that yummy)
  • a pretty lacy paper place mat
  • silverware wrapped in a cute napkin with pretty colors in pastels
  • and a fruit tart with the freshest most beautiful assortment of fruit with a glaze that made it shine, but was not overly sweet. oh yum
(not to mention the table we sat at was made of beautiful wood from the barn planks which were varnished to a beautiful shine, a stunning table)

Isn't the light streaming through the barn beautifully! It was a perfectly temperate day with a breeze that kept the barn a perfect temp. So wonderful.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful and love filled day. We have such a wonderful family all together.

any one else with pictures, send them my way and I will add to them!