Wallpaper & Colour Excitment

Watching Paul Simon's 1967 film "Barefoot in the Park" with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, I became truly inspired by color.

It is a fantastic little story about young love & marriage in NYC.

When Jane Fonda (as Corie) worried that with being married they would loose their excitement, she asked Robert Redford (as Paul) to promise to a night of "hot fun".
Of which he said, "We'll wallpaper eachother!"
And while that might not have been the funniest line, it did fit nicely with my observation at all the wonderful wall papers and colors used throughout the movie.

Even at the Plaza (where they had their 6 night uninterrupted honeymoon) there was wonderful use of color and contrast with wall paper...

Hopefully you can tell here; one wall is a soft green and the other contrasts with the canary yellow, but remains balanced and striking with the uniformity of of the chair rail and wallpaper.

And what a wonder Corie did with their new apartment, painting the walls a nice blue - grey (an aim to please her new husband, but was convinced that her mother would hate) and contrasting it with art work in a loud Purple ....

All of this got me thinking about our current clients using adventurous and stunning wallpapers, truely pushing their homes into the realm of extraordinary.

Here's a sneak peak at an Osborne & Little Wallpaper a lovely client has opted for...

and wouldnt this be fun in a small mud room. I see a bright yellow bench to pull off your boots...