O is for Olive---yummmmy

Nathan and I have been debating which to get,
Lemon tree, or grapefruit, or Olive!!!!!
I say all three.

things to accomplish this weekend:

  1. Purchase a Refrigerator (3 weeks and counting, and the mini-fridge diet sucks)
  2. Used Furniture Shopping In Costa Mesa and Orange (TV- on the ground. Majority of clothes- on the ground, outdoor bar - UN-USED with no bar stools!)
  3. Hiking in Laguna with Nate's Lab mate
  4. Church on Sunday (I Finally found a church out here that I just fell in love with!)
  5. Beach all afternoon Sunday (Nate's Other Co-worker just moved here from Germany, took over our 1 bedroom apt, and still has not seen the ocean!)
  6. Use our new Grill!!!!
  7. Whew! rest!