whites and greens and inbetweens

spring sprung looks that I'm hoping to emulate

lovely round tortoise shells... must find.... anyone know where these are from? I have a very bad habit of grabbing images when I find them and throwing them into a "like" folder... but then not recording where or what they are.... hmmm...

cleaning up my little studio to get ready to house some company at the end of the month... I like the look of this little Sarah Kaye set up.

there's nothing quite like a clean white bathroom....

coveting wallpaper for our entryway / dining room wall -
green too much? perhaps the silver would be a bit better?

and some broccoli to remind you to get your 7 servings of fruit and veg a day!
My dad had a great and delicious idea - toss some broccoli spears into your spaghetti for a crunch and healthy addition! yum yum! I love broccoli, especially when it is dripping marinara sauce! yumyum