I like the Earth and it likes me.


this is not my picture. it is theirs. but isn't it pretty!

on another more serious note -
the annual Spring Garden Show
is this weekend. So if you are in Southern Cali. it is beautiful, fun and chocked full of inspiration (we all know how much I LOVE inspiration so I'll be there!)
and I was already so inspired by just the website this year!
I saw this on my little walk today and had to snap
my own version.

And a good Earth Day book ---
This is a good one for tips and tricks that I hadn't thought of! I found it at my Library, so its probably at yours too! (to be fair, this is really "my" zipcode library, but I live within walking distance of both, so I AM the luckiest girl in the world when I say that I have 2 libraries down the street!--i know, I'm such a bragger... and a dork.)