sunday sentiments

oh weekends, lovely weekends..

-roof top garden has expanded and all spring trimming, fertilizing and otherwise re-potting is complete.

- a successful morning of being brewing assistant...
dunkelweizen this weekend.

**what you see in this picture is the high tech method of cooling called evapotowl... a high tech yet inexpensive method of cooling a fermenting carboy by way of accelerated water evaporation (or more commonly referred to as wet towel and a fan)

this is the most successful cooling method that he has discovered short of using a kegerator or air conditioning unit in the closet...but this wet towel with a fan bit has kept a constant "ideal temperature" of 64-65 degrees F.
He pours water over the drying towel a few times a day and peeks at it to see how its looking...its all very cute.

and on another more girly note,
pearls and cut-off shorts seems very Sunday appropriate...

and these shoes would have really set off my whole look.....

and to wrap things up an evening of a fire, wine and chocolate...ah
La vie est belle