AD dreaming


I love Architectural Digest. And June's "Country Comfort" issue really struck a cord... having grown up "In the country" my self. (While I'm at it, Ill give a shout out --- Hi Michigan!)

Well Thomas F. Burke's Birdhouse's are really those of dreams.

can't you just see the little birds perched on that cross!

in the article he calls himself "Whimsically Correct"
I've been called whimsical a few times in my day. so I like him very much indeed already.

Funny enough, last night I had a very country, hills loving, wish
I lived back in the country, type of dream. I won't bore you with too many details, but it did involve buying an old house that we (hubby and I) had never seen.

It was a very big house ( which, btw, is a recurring theme in my dreams since as long as I can remember).

Upon moving in, the first thing we saw was the HUge dusty red brick fireplace in the kitchen and it was spitting large chunks of ash everywhere.

Even when we pulled back the screen, the furry ash balls (looking a lot like dust bunnies) went ever where. I was scared, but in awe. We couldn't stop watching this angry old fireplace give us a very unwelcoming hello.

Then!- I decided to wander this large house and discovered that there was a large bright room up front with three walls of windows. When I walked in, there were many different sized tables that all had the same ugly old vinyl table cloth over it.
and I realized it was once the "cafe front" . and that we too could
have a cafe.
Breakfast and lunch only, and make pizza on the back side of that old big scary fireplace.

There was also a baby in my arms the whole dream.
It was the cutest baby with brownish green eyes--- haha this is very funny, as you see my lovely sister Ginger is pregnant right now... and she has the most beautiful greenish/hazel bit of brown sunflower eyes, so I know where that part of my dream came from.

Anywhoo... if you are still reading this you might be wondering what the heck I am going on and on about and what it has to do with AD.

Well, my dream house was in a small town and
there were a lot of fields and ponds. and in my dream I rode on the bus to explore the town (baby and I) and there were fields and fields of golden grass

Our house looked much like one of these country living homes in AD.


You know, it is a fact that dreams do can and will come true.

This Michigan Home in AD June is Unbelievably awesome.

look at that rope and caster detail bed. ah. mazing

I never knew I loved Shaker style

look at those amazing pendants deigned by the interior designers
Barbara Barlow and Mark Manardo

The guest house is the red, barn looking building.

They use the bottom / 1st floor for produce storage.

those are all strawberries.
and yes.
it's an organic produce farm.
how dreamy indeed.

I'd love to have fresh strawberries sitting out for the picking.

Photography Tony Soluri - Architectural Digest

and lastly... on a side note...

Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor

Their, hop on the horse and have a picnic, look is oh so wonderfully inspiring.