I fell for it and finally put a charm on my phone.

Oh the fun of collecting and trading the newest trend.

When I was young it was friendship bracelets and Xmen trading cards,
lip smackers and mixed Cassette tapes.

Apparently these days it's googly bands.
Although I hear those might be "out" now.... So I'm a bit behind the trend but I just love their themes and bright colors.
I have the "wonders of the world" and "Hollywood" sets.

Stacked up both wrists it's a cool (temperature wise) rendition of this whole multiple bangle trend.

I decided to bust out the frozen 220 film and take some "real" ;) pictures today.

It seems like 120 is kind of going through a 'trendy' phase right now,
what with the always loved Holga, and the cute remakes of the Diana.
But today I'm busting out my big gun. The RB67.

I'll have the film in about 10 days so I'll keep ya posted.

Here's a few pics from messing around with my love, the Mamiya ♥

A picture of one taking a picture.

Oh and for some reason I thought this girl in her shorts and high heels looked very trendy. We were driving by and I felt kind of stalkerish taking this picture but I liked the colors o_O