Well It seems appropriate that we had our first Sailing Race this week as It feels as if we have been just racing through August.
And I just love August ~ not to mention it's my hubbies middle name and his grandpa's name! August holds a special place in my heart!

Oh Summer. Don't run away so quickly!

Quintessential Summer Stuff...

  • Making friendship bracelets in the sun
  • $1 Book sale at the Library (all you can haul for 1 buck!)
  • Sheets drying on the line (they smell soooo good at night when you slide into the crispness)
  • Evening trips to the hardware store
  • Light and airy shirts with minimal jewelry
  • Roses ♥ My roses love August

But with all that said.... I am excited for fall.
Call me corny but I'm already thinking about Halloween.

To have a party or not... I found myself drooling over this yesterday.

Hope your August is wrapping up beautifully!