Summer lovin'

The glorious thing about living in Cali
is that August no longer gives me the
"wrapping up the summertime blues".

In fact, fall is even warmer and more summery so that's all very good.

But alas, I have been in somewhat of a rut.

When my sister Sarah is in a rut, she prescribes a heavy dose of Target. ;) gotta love her.

The "got outta target for under $50 bucks" celebratory voice mails are my favorite.

But I was in need of something less tangible yesterday.

More of an outside of the box ;) inspirational boost if you will, and it worked!

SO.... drum roll.... I present
The Summer 2010,
3 Steps to Get Outta my Inspirational Rut Prescription

Comes highly recommended from moi.

1. Bake Summer Treats.

Try a new recipe, or bust out a favorite.
Either way, you are bound to make a few smiles happen,
which in turn will make you smile.

And I think the smile-to-be-inspired route is well tested and approved.

2. Re-organize your creative space.

Our combined studio / brew room is a bit stark and needing a lift, so I threw down a rug and am calling it a work in progress.

3. Do some cartwheels!

A.) you will smile

B.) it shakes things around inside and out...
which I think is a good thing... unless you are preggers! Than this should be ignored and you should only do step 1 and 2 but WATCH someone doing step 3.
(Gigi, I recommend asking Adam (Hubbie) to do cartwheels.... that would be awesome.)

Here was my summer 2010 list and I am very happy to say, everything will be checked off the list come next Monday (but more on that later) !