Wrapping up August ~ A Day Off.

What a week. I cannot believe it is the last day of August! Oh my!

This past week was our 2 year wedding anni.

While we actually got up to go to work that day, we ultimately decided to take the day off and play.

It was such fun, and I actually got some things done!

Tide Pool Hunting at 7 am.

Neither of us wore the appropriate foot wear for the slippery morning rocks.

Look at all those interesting textures and shapes.

It is so beautiful in our neighborhood early in the morning.

Little Corona has quite the mix of a sandy and craggy coast line. Perfect for tide pool discoveries!

A few of my finds! I have these little guys drying out in the sun.

A few more finds. The starfish is the only piece in this glass cloche not found by me.

See that big Sea urchin!
He was truly the find of the summer.

I was fortunate enough that he had washed far ashore,
as you are not to take anything actually out of a tide pool.
This poor, poky guy had been some seagulls lunch, with only the porcupine-esq shell left on the rocks for my discovery.

He was quite a task to clean though!

I tried to make these pictures look like they are taken under water.
What do you think?

After a long walk on the shore we came home
and I baked up some brownies for our dessert that night.

Here I am wearing my favorite apron, made and screen printed by my sister Ginger.

I even took down most of the curtains in our house for an afternoon dance in the sun.
It's amazing how dusty curtains get after one season!
My typical "seasonal clean" for fall doesn't start until well into September, but it felt so good to have the time and day off to get a jump start on it!

Then to top the day off, as if it could be any better, we went sailing!
OH how I love sailing.

After a long sail it seems that all my troubles and worries have been washed far out to sea.

What a day full of memories.