A Laborious Labor Day

H O P S !!!

Well this glorious three day weekend was filled with the most wonderful type of labor.
the type that
a.) you want to do
b.) your excited to do
c.) is rewarding

We got a second harvest this year! He is skeptical because ya typically get zilch the first year.
Therefore, he's worried that they aren't as strong or something. But they look lovely to me!

the worker bee and the rooftop oasis.
(and yes, that does make me the Queen Bee. In case you were wondering)

apparently the vines are good for basket weaving!
I have enjoyed underwater basket weaving in the past.
so perhaps when we whack these guys down I can put them to good use!

Before trimming them.

from plant to delicious.
look! that pint couldn't even stay full in time for me to snap this picture.

that is his black IPA that he entered into the Pacific Brewers Cup this weekend.
Angry Seas Black IPA !!!

here is his highly technical drying method involving screen.
Fold it up and let it dry!

the other labor intensive part of the weekend...
eating and drinking.

it's hard work, but someone's gotta do it....

Over the long weekend He brewed another beer (see the large pots?)
and we ordered take out one night and grilled cheeseburgers another night
and had brunch every day with mimosas, drank beers in the afternoon,
ate chocolate all the time.... sigh it was great.

well the rest of the weekend was not really labor, in fact it was the exact opposite, but I'm trying to stay on a theme here ...

walks around as it was very foggy all three days.

early in the neighborhood.

drinking Nathan's Angry Sea's IPA seemed quite appropriate this weekend what with the foggy weather and the end to our sailing lessons!

naval flags

Golden Guides


and since I'm on a serious tangent here with this post...
I thought I would end with a slow transition into fall thoughts and inspirations
as I think a successful Labor day weekend very much blends
goodbye summer kisses with crisp fall wishes.

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