pumpkin spice and everything nice

This morning I was surprised in two ways...
I actually got up before dawn for a jog (never happens)
and then I heard a strange noise below my feet. 

 The crunch of leaves is such a nice sound.
I carried these specimens with me for the rest of my jog so that I could examine them closer.

Such beauties deserve to be pressed and kept!
While I do not have an actual press, a few large books do just the trick.

 And this guy is just so large he won't fit in even my largest book!
He deserves to be a focal point for awhile!

Thank goodness the heatwave didn't stick around here on the ocean, so I could slip on his slippers and press some of my leaves. Such a fun fall activity!
(yes, I did just say that and I am well aware that I should probably get some more crafty friends, or kids... or both )
What are some of your favorite fall crafts and activities?

Just so glad it finally cooled down today. how strange the weather has been.