apple festival

Today we ventured to Julian, a small town that's known for it's apples and cider.
It's Apple Festival all weekend!
pumpkin patches and apple pie, animals to pet and graveyards.

i wish my braid looked that good

can't stand the cuteness

climbing goats...

my pumpkin picks
Supposedly White pumpkins have more sugar,
So I'll have to bake up something yummy!

Stopped for a slice of pie

found someone's still-life.

cute little town of Julian
pumpkin patch

they had so many different wagons!!

and even a zebra. 
the pumpkin patch petting zoo had a zebra. 

And the zebra wasn't even the most unique thing we found today.
Nope, far more surprising was The Old Well.
 The most interesting vinyl shop I've ever stumbled into.
It has the town's old well, and an impressive collection of sleeved, alphabetize and clean albums priced $3-10.
me like.
looking down the well

and on the drive home... we just had to stop.

that's a lot to jam into one post. and I didn't even show my antique shop finds!
An old school bench and pretty china... tomorrow.