Getting Ready

LA Times Magazine October 2009

Kate Spade
 Today some of the Halloween decorations are coming out of storage.
I feel like it's a bit early to put up all of my Halloween decor.,
so the autumnal item's will take precedence until next weekend.
But it's fun to get it all out and put a few things up.

First I wanted to go through my "Holiday Inspiration" folder to get some ideas....

Messing around in the studio a few months ago

Kate Spade

Midwest Living 2009

I'm going to get a bit domestic crazy for a minute in saying->
Martha's Calendar on-line says Halloween Decorations should have gone up yesterday.
But in her magazine, she waits until the 21st to fully turn Bedford into Transylvania!

I think some scarecrows and pumpkins up now looks great.
But I'll leave the creepy bats for closer to the end of the month : )

I'll share pictures of my decorations as I get them up!