A smash post

from fashion to skid row to thanksgiving and back again...

last night began with meeting lovely girl Jacquelyn for a drink at The Association

Ok well, actually last night started with me putting on a cutie patootie get up that consisted of:
- hair like Texas (big)
- a short dress
- my barn jacket
- and black really awesome boots...
sounds hussy when I put it that way but I assure you it was on the side of cute and sweet...

t'was much more rocknrollish
than I do on a typical day
but I was feelin' it...

...after crawling in traffic for an hour to get downtown,
I wandering up and down 6th street
trying to find this obscure place called "The Association.

Turns out this place is a speakeasy type of thing
and the front door is down some steps
and through a big, heavy, black wooden door
that just so happens to be a replica of the 10 Downing door...
with a huge lion door knocker on the front and all..

if you're downtown I highly recommend this place!

any whoo we had a fancy drink then headed down the street to
a party for the sweet blogger LA Inspiration at the boutique Sixhundred

It was really awesome to finally meet some fellow bloggers
and Sixhundred is awesome.
Had to hold myself back and only buy one thing....

The ring I bought is awesome.

Ya see, I love this Cartier ring
and can only dream about owning it...
So when I found my Lazerus ring I was quite smitten.

This ring is by la based designer han cholo
who turned a gorgeous block of black ion plated brass
into a Transformer Thundercat's meets Cartier ring...

after that we hit up a photobooth at Bar 107.. that place is fun btw.

I then proceeded home but accidentally got a wee bit turned around
and I drove through skid row

that was such a reality check.
(IE: I'm spoiled rotten and have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season)
Tents upon tents upon tents
really crazy.

sorry, I can't think of a witty way to end this post and come back full circle.
other than while I was wandering around dtla, hubster was home brewing
what he calls a "smash" beer.
so that's why I called it a smash post.
so this is
the end.