Whats been going on this week

ya know how high buns are looking really cute right now,

and ya know how the cupcake craze like took over the world a few years ago,
and it's still rockin' it...
well I'm not really surprised it's moved to the head.
but that's not my point.
my point is that
I tried this.
up on my head.
and it was very cold.
on my neck.
and I'm aware that makes me sound a bit like a baby as
it's 64 degrees Fahrenheit here
but let me say

it's been chilly here

so other than pulling out all my sweaters that I thought I'd never wear again (yea!!)

a few other cute-ish things have happened this week...

this came in the mail (I know!?!? more good mail!)
This shall be for new years eve!!

this outfit was all up in trendy's business.....

slouchy, sparkly sweater and my $2.80 ring

there was sunshine and it did get up to 70 degree temperatures... but...
I'm thinking I need to at least get up to big bear for a long weekend... stat...
my skin is way too thin right now (I thought I'd be a mid-west winter champion forever)

and lastly, these boots deserve a song and a dance because they are so great.