A hat and more impractical shoes happened on Friday.
those shoes are particularly rediculous.
the hat is just right

His shoes, however,  are perfectly practical,
and his eon's old backpack is ripped and repaired 2 times over with fishing line.
well that is just right too 

Yesterday was:
- coming home with an overflowing arm full of flowers from the farmers market
-Swedish pancakes with blueberries
- lunch in Long Beach with cousins I haven't seen in a few years β™₯
- a stop at the brew store so he could snatch up his KΓΆlsch beer ingredients
-  a new pink silk shirt

For cut flowers, I add a little bleach to the water. Just a tablespoon or so.
Asprin works well too if you have that (a tip from my Grandma!xo)
Cut the stems on a diagonal and trim off any foliage that would sit below the waterline.

Do you have any other cut flower tips and tricks? I'm always wanting to learn more about arranging, and keeping them fresh and such.

I think I tend to cut my bouquets too long, they probably need to be shorter, fuller, rounder.

Happy Sunday!