Found some treasures this weekend!
Finally went into the Nautical Shop on Balboa Peninsula and found this supersweet Port lamp...
there were so many other good things there! Just look at all that fun stuff behind me and my frown!

Also, I snapped up this hat at Kate Spade! I went in to "look" at the "hello sunshine" hat, all the while knowing full well that I already have a bit floppy sun hat
but when I saw this red version of the sunnies hat (I've only seen the black!)
I just had to have it on my head!

I'm going to a bachelorette party /  vacation get-away this weekend... so the hat was a must ;)
Can't tell you where we are going because it's a surprise for the Bride but I'll letcha know Friday night!
Wouldn't this pin go well with my hat?!