it's just pretty awesome

fringe short nasty gal
Safmarine shipping logo
the outnet Dolce and Gabanna skirt

1. The Safmarin logo is good. I see it when I am sitting in traffic everyday
and I like it. Well done semi truck!
2. That’s an awesome Dolce and Gabbana Skirt.... yeowza me want
3. My sister is a biologists.... look
at her photo of her pretty data! I like the colors...looks like that skirt ∆
4. Still in dire “need” of those Fringe shorts
(photo via nasty gal)
5. That was one of my misfires at work... doesn't it look like a blurry landscape?

••edit•• I finally got my image mapping to work!!~~~~ ♥ html ♥ go on click click the pics ~~~ tralala