Laura Bear Garment Label Love

I've had these tears for quite some time now.. and every time I look at them I swear I see something new and I find a new favey.
Garment Labels have such a rich history with Graphic Design. I wish all labels were this thought out now-a-days.
Today my fave is the "Camel Hair Fabric".. or maybe "BANG!"... I dunno.
Which one is your favorite?
Sadly, the LA Times Mag is no longer around, but they used to do "50 things"... You can see the Snow Globes one here.

and here's the logo I designed for the brand One Rad Girl which was made into a clothing label <3
I love designing something and then getting to have it in a tangible form.
Mine is pretty freaking boring compared to all that eye candy fashion above, aye!?
Cheers to an Inspiring Friday!