Laura Bear's Photography Work Process

Here is a breakdown of how the planning of most of my photo shoots go...
For bigger campaign shoots, I typically have a few phone conversations with the art director / buyer and/or stylists to nail down the importants....who/what/when/where. 
I love it when a client let's me be involved in the model casting... 
like I tweeted about is pretty ridiculous. 

For the upcoming Holiday campaign for FlirtCatalog, I was able to remotely review the models and nail down budget/location/props available etc with the buyer and stylist. 
From there I make a mood board to sum up the vibe that I think the client is going for. 
I love pinterest for this, but I usually also put all of the images into a dropbox folder so that it can easily be shared with anyone, pinterest fan or not. 

Here is a sneak peek at the mood we are going for with Flirt. 
It will be shot in studio, so we will not have a beautiful Parisian apartment wall or a rustic mantel over a roaring fireplace, like some of these pics show, 
but in general it gives the feeling that we will be going for. 
We will be using a new face for the campaign, Alden, so I am looking forward to it! 

Oh and here is the call sheet... 
I can usually tell what the vibe will be at a shoot just based on when I receive the call sheet ... and if I don't receive one, that says a lot too! 
Not that it's a super big deal, but it sure does keep things tidy.
anywhoo, I hope you enjoyed that peek into my work process for prepping for shoots.
Now THAT is enough about work! HAPPY FRIDAY