Laura Bear did the research...

well, I knew it was coming. I thought I could pretend the brisk nights were "just like a cold desert night"... but alas it is here.
It snowed last night and toto we ain't in LA anymore.
So I figured I would give you a quick winter jacket round up, as I have done my research loves... for both him and her....
This zara one is not worth the money. I bought it and returned it... It will not be warm enough.
So I went with a fancy wool one from JCrew... it is fantastic. Cute and worth the flow. They just had a sale.. you missed it... but they will have others. dont worry.
I also really like this puffer one from JCrew. Plus use code MUSTHAVE for 25% off sale items.. that makes it way cheap. go.. get it.

This LL Bean one for Men is the best down jacket out there right now. Trust. from Patagonia to Columbia, we tried them all and that one wins.
If they don't have your size, call a store and ask them to search for it. They will and they will ship it to you. His came from Pennsylvania.

So there ya go... that is my fall research that is now being put into full effect.