Laura Bear's Gift Ideas

I am an avid bed maker. I think it makes the whole house feel more organized and clean, plus it feels so good to slide into at night.
Every since living alone in my tiny nyc apartment, it is a habit I have been trying to stick to.
Confession: since company left on Sunday, I have yet to make my bed. Nope not once.
WHy? I don't know. It's like I hit a "make the house look good cause company is here" wall and I am rebelling against it all.
Tomorrow I will get back on track. I must. I must.
Are you a bed maker?

Anywhoo all of this talk of my bed has me thinking that the bedroom is a nice spot to focus on for gift ideas.
Everyone needs to catch more zzz...'s so why not help them get there?

So here it is, my first gift guide for the bedroom...

- From the husband or lover in your life: a headboard... like this one from Joss and Main
(You can tell him it will help him from going bald ;) all that hitting on the hard wall sure isn't going to help! Sorry too much?! :))
- From the parents: a nice set of Flannel Sheets. My parents gave us these one year. We love them and hardly need any other blankets. They are so cozy.
- From yourself: Bedside Lamps. Because reading in bed without them is impossible. You deserve a little relaxing after all this gift giving!
- From a sister: A cool fan. Because siblings can give you something practical like that and you will totally appreciate it everyday.
- From a friend: a lovely clock. Just enough vintage and always right on time.

What do you think? Is a gift for the bedroom too personal?