Laura Bear's Christmas Decor

 Here's a little peek at what we have going on this year. Our shabby little tree turned out to be so pretty!
(here is our tree in 2010 and here in 2011 :) )

 I always grab some extra cuttings from the christmas tree lots or farm so that I can put it around the house. Smells good, looks good.. winwin!

 I diy'ed that swag on our door and the pinecone garland I made from cones in our backyard.
We still are not sure what art we want above our dining room table, so for the holidays we put a huge wreath there.
and the wet bar is fully stocked and loaded for the holidays, of course.
 Some favorite ornaments... New and very old. Glass and felt ornaments are my favey-gravy's.
and last but not least, it wouldn't be the holiday's if I wasn't scrambling around to get the christmas cards out.
I really enjoy sending cards, as it reminds me of how many people are in my life that I care for.

Are you done shopping? Only a few days left! WOW! :)