Laura Bear Likes: Strawberry Freezer Jam

Yeay! It's jam season <3 <3

Strawberries were on sale for .98 cents a pound at Stanley's Fruit Market, so I decided it was time to freezer jam it!

I follow a really simple recipe:
- 3 pounds of strawberries washed and hulled
- 3 cups of sugar
- The juice and zest of 1 Large Lemon

Put the sugar, lemon juice + zest and 1/2 of strawberries into a pot. Let cook on low heat for 10-12 minutes.

Add remaining strawberries and let simmer for 25+ minutes or until the jam gels...
(put a plate in the freezer, draw a line on the plate with the jam and if it sticks / gels, it's donezo)

That's all! Put it into freezer safe containers. It will last 3 weeks in the fridge or up to a year frozen.

I think it makes a lovely gift for friends and neighbors. It is an especially nice gift if you wrap a jar in an old tea towel.
You can then either stick it into a pint basket or perhaps pick up some of these burlap sacks!

I like to make tags but here are some lovely ones you can print from Martha Stewart.

I made some from the cover of an old calendar
(yes I keep old calendars... they are so pretty and make inexpensive art work if you frame the pages. Use the heavy stock of the cover for making gift tags!)

yep.. slap some butter on that bread and that jam is the jam man.

Hope you are having a great week!