Laura Bear Loves Glamping

For the 2nd part of our Babymoon we went Glamping at El Capital Resort... and it. was. awesome.

It is not camping... there is a fan, there is a down comforter, there are showers and coffee a short hike away...
BUT you are sleeping in a canvas tent, and the owl that is above your tent in the tree is keeping you awake.
And you will feel one with nature, even while your iphone is charging.
SO my friends, Glamping is the shit and I highly recommend it when preggers.

Just a short 2 hour drive up the coast from LA, El Capitan is outside of Santa Barbara (<3)
The drive is so beautiful. Right off the 101, El Capitan is nestled among the rolling hills and palm trees in a little valley.

We rented a Safari tent <3 <3 I want one in my backyard at home. like real bad. 

A short hike away is the Canyon Store and cafe... they have pizza and really good salads and coffee... lots of really good coffee.
Also, there is a pool. I know...

Across the street is the ocean, El Capitan state beach, which is just lovely.

One day, after a short hike up the valley mountains to see the llamas (yep, llamas and an organic farm look down on the valley), we spent some time at the beach.
Then we headed back to "camp" to eat pizza and watch netflix (oh yeah, there is wifi)

Yeah, so I never understood glamping... until now...
I plan to go back every year for the rest of my life please and thank you!
Have you ever been glamping? Seriously you guys, give it a whirl... camping fan or not.. it is fun.
<3 <3

Also, all opinions are my own. El Capitan doesn't know I posted this.
 I just want you to know that there is a place in this lovely world that you can sleep outside, with a down comforter and have pizza delivered to your tent!!