Laura Bear loves Honest Co.

I decided to give Honest Co. products a try now that we will have a little one around. 
I am really curious about their diapers and plan on signing up for the monthly delivery once the lo comes. 
In the mean time I figured I would give their cleaning and bath+body products a try. 

The first load of laundry that I did was on this blanket that I decided to make.... 

I had the itch to make something special for my coming baby girl, and I thought a blanket would be easy enough. 
^^^^ #DirtyBathroomMirror :-/ ^^^^

So far I am love loving the laundry detergent and dryer cloths. 
It calls for a very small amount of product to wash a large load and the dryer sheets are reusable for 2 loads.
They both leave the clothes clean without any smell, therefore I do not have to worry about it irritating little newborn skin. 

I have done SOOoooo many loads of baby clothes and blankets (people really love to give cute little girl outfits as gifts! :) )

I will give a full review of the other products that I have used at the end of this post...
I bought these super cute fabrics at JoAnn's. Both are all cotton and one is a flannel. I also picked up an organic cotton quilting batting there.
I washed the fabrics by hand, in the sink, for the first round, but dried them in the dryer. 
I decided to make a Cathedral Pattern on the front of the blanket. I used this tutorial. It sounds way fancier / harder to do than it is, trust....
It turns out looking like a really pretty flower if you go all the way around. 

After I sewed the batting to this fabric, I marked 2 inch lines in a grid and stitched the pattern.
I then put the back flannel fabric face to face with the front and stitch almost all the way around, leaving about a 3 inch hole to turn it right-side out. 

I decided to hand embroider a little tag with a heart on one side and her name on the other.
I stitched that into the hole and sewed it all up. Et voilà! I made a blanket! :)
Here it is in the nursery...  Once it was done I washed the whole thing in the washing machine and it held up wonderfully!
That is enough crafting for me for another 10 years!

All in all I love that I can wrap this around my baby girl and know that it was made and washed with love <3

In regards to the other Honest Co. products that I have tried...
I have been using the bug spray and sunscreen all summer and they are great. 
The sunscreen is pretty thick though, so be warned that it will not take much. 

I am also loving the bathroom cleaner and floor cleaner.. they smell so good and get the job done!

The only product I need adjusting to is the dishwasher gel... I am a no rinse, just throw it in type of lady. 
I plan to order the dishwasher pods next and see if they are a bit better for my lazy ways.

All in all I like that I can confidently use these products around the house and not worry if the baby licks the floor or something.
Also, home delivery is awesome. No lugging cleaners up to my top floor apartment, thank you very much!

Have you tried any good natural cleaning or beauty products lately? I would love to hear what else is out there!

ps - I am not sponsored or affiliated with Honest Co. in any way. I just really admire what they are doing and the transparency of their company.
If you would like to give their products a try, you can sign up through my invite link here.