Laura Bear's Beauty Binge

What do you do when you are about a week past your due date and feeling like a sweaty hippo? go on a beauty binge... something to spruce up the ole' Laura Bear arsenal...

I have been lovinnnggg the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, Shampoo & Conditioner...
and with long hair I kind of blow through a lot of it... restock... check!

I also grabbed a bottle of Queen Helen Mint Julep mask...
I had a bottle of this before we moved... not sure where it ran off to... but at $3.99, no biggie!
This is a great all purpose mask that makes me feel glow-y. It dries hard to the awesome teenage-sleepover green color.

I am trying out this Thayers Rose Petal and Witch Hazel toner.
I really like how clean my face feels after using a toner, but I dislike how dry most toners make your skin.
This Thayers version has aloe vera in it and my skin feels really nice after... so far loving!

Also I picked up a few unnecessaries ... rose water... just to splash on everything. It smells so good.
And Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Ultra-Hydrating Body Butter.. it has a nice apricot scent that lasts all day.
Plus, it doesn't have any nasty ingredients in it, so baby can lick my arm without worries.
I am in need of a new body wash...  I have been using this Burt's Bees... but I am almost out...
so I am in the market for something new... any recommendations?

Here's to a pretty week ahead (and hopefully a new baby)!