Golden Morning Tunes

Being a mom is the most amazing, hard, confusing, exciting and rewarding job I have ever had.
I am so proud of strong I was bringing her into this world...
how I am able to keep so happy with such small amounts of sleep these past 8 weeks
and I am also proud of how cute she is... :) I mean I made that!?!?! (ok with a little help from hubs)

But there are just some mornings where you really feel your heart pouring over
and you just don't want to ever forget that very moment, how you feel right then...
the smell, the sounds, the feeling...
that is pretty much everyday but this morning was particularly golden.

It was 5:40 am and I woke up to baby ila cooing in her bassinet, just hanging out and keeping herself company.
After I pulled her out, we saw pops off to work and I drank some coffee as we cruised youtube for new tunes...
after a few songs she feel asleep on my legs.
So todays tunes are some old favorites and a new find...all of which don't seem to wake a baby.

I hope you can find a moment in your day that you want to hold onto forever.

The Gospel Whiskey Runners - The Wound

Jenny O. - Come Get Me

Sam Cooke - Trouble Blues

First Aid Kit - Blue


by the way ..PS... please don't get me confused...
ila puked an obscene proportion of milk onto me a few hours later ..
so this day all rainbows and sunshine it was not... [here is an interesting article in regards to this]