Laura Bear Holiday DIY

 Well my friends, we are thick in the holidays and looking at 14 days until Christmas (!)
 I have done zero shopping so far... so it will be a busy next couple of weekends!

I really want gifts to be personal this year, something above just a store bought goodie.
I thought these delicious smelling gingerbread ornaments could be a fun little treat to accompany gifts.

Here is the easy-peasy recipe...

- 1 C Ground Cinnamon
- 1/2 C Glue
- 1/4 C apple sauce

Applesauce gives the dough flexibility, glue makes it firm, and cinnamon adds the fragrance and a gingerbread color.

Step 1: Mix the Cinnamon and apple sauce together until the sauce is all worked in.

Step 2: Add the glue, folding in a bit at a time, until you have a nice ball of dough.

Roll out the dough to 1/4 of an inch thick. I found it easiest to roll out small portions at a time.
Create shapes using cookie cutters or shape them by hand!
Using a toothpick, create a hole in the top of the shape. 
Be sure to put the hole in an area that will be supportive and not easily break off. 
These become fragile after a few years. 

 Allow the shapes to dry on a rack for 24 hours, flipping every 6 hours to keep them flat.
Alternatively, you can bake in a 200 Degree oven for 2 hours, flipping half way through.
Once dry, you can paint some glue onto them and add glitter or beads. Cookie sprinkles could be cute too!
String some bakers twine through the holes et voila!
 They smell so wonderful and add a nice touch to any tree. <3