Decorating for the Holidays in our new place

Can you believe it is almost Christmas 2014?! WHAT!

This year really got away from me. Like Whoa.

One of the few things I actually enjoy about moving is having a new space to decorate for Christmas.

This year's tree is 7.5 feet of pretty.

Our house is really tiny so this tree feels HUGE.

Also please note the super high tech dvd player creche/manger
and Ila's early x-mas present... a mini table + chairs. It is pretty much her favorite thing ever. like ever ever.

Thank you Ikea for making children's furniture that is affordable and not pastel colored.
Here's another view of our tree IRL.

Typically heavy / large ornaments go at the bottom, small ones at top and
ugly-but-can't-toss ones in back.

This year, breakable goes on the top. Felt and no break-y items on the bottom.
(This includes the weird sentimental value teddy bears that I used to shove in back as filler that Ila really loves and wants within reach.)  

Ila pushed that chair up to the tree in, what I can only imagine, was an attempt to scale the tree.

And kitchen utensils everywhere because those are Ila's jam. 

This tiny house had me moving furniture to new places to fit in the tree.

I think I like this chair / lamp combo that happened.

Anyway, here's last years decor. And this was our Christmas tree last year, 2012, 2011 and 2010.

I hope you have a great start to your week. This is the last full week of work for our family until 2015!