Bedroom Makeover begins with Minted

Well it's 2015 and it's time...
it's time to update my bedroom and make it the cozy dream land of, well, my dreams.

The only thing I have ever required for my bedroom is white bedding.
But the recent purchase of new bedside tables has inspired a new bedroom outlook on life.

I want stuff.

I want a headboard. I need a cute cover on that lumbar pillow. And those coral reef fans have got. to. go.

So the first place I start with any room in my house is the walls.

I really feel that a room full of beautiful art can make the shabbiest of furniture feel A-OK,
and when Minted reached out about collaborating on a post, I new it was time.
It's time to up my sleep quarters game and get some beautiful art on these walls.

I'm opting for the following..

1. A mineral / gemstone grouping above the wicker chair.

Mineral 03 limited edition print by Lily Hanna /// Unearthed limited edition print by Josh McClendon
Prism Diamond limited edition print by Paper Monkey Press /// precieux limited edition print by Marabou Design

2.  Celestial / Galactic feel should meld nicely with my gilded Mary + Jesus above the dresser
Planetary Neighbors limited edition print by GeekInk Design /// Constellation limited edition print by annie clark

3.  Peachy Geometric meets blues and stone for a calm bedside.

Mineral 01 limited edition print by Lily Hanna /// Poly Agate limited edition print by JoBeth Fink /// domino limited edition print by Carrie ONeal

What I like about the Minted Art Marketplace is that it offers pieces from actual artists that are workin' the struggle to get their name out there.

Through ongoing design competitions, the minted community votes on which pieces should be for sale.

So it's just the good stuff ... " At Minted, all that matters is good design."  Love that.

So, what are your thoughts? Which pieces should I snap up first for my bedroom?

Curtains, a headboard and lumbar pillow excitement tbd and coming soon.



*ps. Thanks for supporting that brands that in turn support Laura Bear <3.