52nd street beach

On a heat soaked afternoon whim this weekend, we decided to head to the beach.
En route we noticed that waze was quoting the same amount of time to drive to Venice as it was to Newport Beach.
Just the thought of Spaghetti Bender for dinner was enough to point the car in that direction...So to Orange County we headed.

We arrived with enough time to have our tank tops and beach cover ups feel appropriate,
but within an hour it started to cool off while the sun began its dip to the sun setting place.

I changed under a towel, as you do, and Ila let it be known that a diaper change in the cool breeze was not ok.

We wrapped up and walked back to the car slowly, pitching ideas on how we can get back to living on the beach.
The conversation continued, power ball, indeed, commuting, as we sat in the car for a good 30 minutes,
just to allow some time to pass for a more decent dinner hour. Ila turned the car buttons and climbed all over the front seats.

Newport Beach, you're something special.