New, Bright and Crumbly

Finally found a pastry cutter at a yard sale yesterday. There is something satasfiying about buying one that has already 'taken the course', if you will. Been in another womens hands (or mans! Although I bought this from a woman so that's why I say woman) and already produced pies.

And what's that? In the background you might be asking?

Cutest cutting board ever. From none other than the inspiring and whimsical Elizabeth at Fine Little Day. If you haven't been you really should go.

She ships them in the most wonderully fun packaging too. Such fun.
Be sure to check out her shop!

I also found another lovely treasure from her that I will share with you on another day.

And lastly. Flowers. Ranunculus
My favorite flower and in the brightest, cheeriest color you've ever seen. Hope they brighten your day too!

Here is an old pie recipe that I will try for the first time.

"Aunt Jenny's Crumbly Top Apple Pie"
I will let you know how it goes!

Although it calls for homogenized spry, of which I was unfamiliar with, I discovered this....

"Spry was first introduced in 1936 by Lever Brothers to compete with Crisco - and at one time had 1/2 the shortening market share, so I guess it was a little more than just a "wannabe" - it was a major player in it's day. It was phased out and dropped somewhere between 1957-1960, after they dropped their radio drama program with Aunt Jenny that they sponsored in 1956.

Spry and Crisco are basically identical in that they are both whipped hydrogenated vegetable oil. They are interchangeable. " From Here

hm!..learn something new everyday!

*ps~ while we are discussing such things I might mention that was first shown to me a while back by way of my fine little sister (well actually she is my fine big sister, but I thought I might be cheeky)... who happens to have a fun little blog!