pale nolish

thats what I called it for a long time....
and brochures.... emphasis on the ch , not BRO SUres... but CHures
I sort of decided that was how you say it, and no matter how many times I was told it was wrong, I stuck to my guns [that, or I really just did not get it, but I prefer to remember it as the former]

anywhoo... my favorite job ever would be the Pail nolish namer... well,
Nail polish name giver

I recently had a spoiled, for-no-good-reason, afternoon of buying 3 nail polishes at CVS (along with a Louis Armstrong CD that I spotted while standing in line and thinking, "why not be impulsive, you don't need 3 nail polish colors either!")
right... 18 bucks later I was noticing that I had chosen....

  • OH CABANA BOY [pink]
  • JUICY GLO [old ladies toes in miami beach- Orange]
  • NO BEES PLEASE [nude]
someday that will be my job
I think there needs to be a....
  • PUTRID RICE [army green]
  • L.I.C. MAN NECKLACE [gold]
  • DOROTHY SLEEPS [poppy]
yeah, I would be good at that.

And finally I can answer a question that my sister Ginger asked me many years ago...
"what would your vanity plate say if you had one?"
I had no idea when she asked me and it has taken me at least 4 years to come up with a good answer...and that is


too many letters, but I would make it work...

btw... the nail polish I am wearing in featured pics is a combo of
NEW YEARS PARTY glitter(!!!! its been so long!!!) i think mom bought that glitter polish for me on a trip she took to Chicago when I was in junior high [prob the last time I've worn glitter polisH! I loveIT!]