monday blues and pinks

I had two images to share that were pink and blue and inspired this inspirational images post - but then I found this little pink elephant ring picture (see below) in my "inspirational images" folder - under "pink"... and I wanted to include it ... and then I google imaged "pink Elephant" and discovered that this little glasses guy (well, I guess he is big) is quite popular on google! blogged, imaged, referenced and otherwise....

anywhoo.... here are some monday blues and pinks images for fun

remember when Anthropologie had this ring---- ♥
I wanted it so bad... but no dinero and now its gone... boo hoo

and here is another pink elephant that is not nearly as popular on google as the glasses wearing version - or maybe this is him... and he is like Clark Kent
..... You can visit this guy if you are in Ohio anytime soon...

someday I will be paid to make my little videos.
this lovely little number reinforces my adoration and overall *sigh-ful-ness (aka loving and batting my eyelashes and all around loving) for the Kate Spade brand.
♥ ♥ ♥

I can think of at least 5 places in my home that this stool would be appropriate.... ♥

and I have no idea why this image was in my "inspiration" - subcategory "blue" - picture folder..but for some reason it makes me appreciate cats and having pictures of them... but then that seems on the verge of hipster or something. so i dunno.

and this is just really fabulous..... i mean LOOK at that dress?! and who matches with their couch?!
smart hostesses who look a little scary-on the verge of alien- that's who...

i guess.