new hair is long and red and on top of my head AKA - new post about stuff thats pretty, including my hair, and I think I drop some brand names...

I want that Flamingo Print -

I have been eating a lot of hoho's this week (probably because hubbie (and when I say hubbie I mean me) bought the 12 pack)

but I also have been getting a lot done in a, working, kitchen cleaning, nails painted kind of way - so I am totally equating that burst of "on top of it"-ness to the hoho's. -English teacher would kill me for that mess of a sentence.

it's about time to go suitcase shopping - ya know, for all that traveling I am not doing.
I love suitcases and I own two sets in fact. 1 red old school case with matching train case that was my mom's graduation present. And the other is herringbone Liz Claiborne funness, full size and "over head compartment" size.

I miss packing to go somewhere. I miss it so much in fact, I think that next time I pack I will use zip lock bags for sweaters, and all my hundreds of little le sport sac zippy pouch things to keep everything super organized rather than just piling in loads of the most inappropriate attire at 2 am when flight leaves at 6 am.

oh, and I am going to make a list of everything I am bringing. and I mean everything.
  1. Three pairs of socks. check.
  2. silver knot ring, check.
  3. 2 bras, check.
  4. big bright pink half bow Louboutain's, um, what the heck am I thinking I am so not wearing these in winter in Northern Michigan..., uncheck.
- you get the idea.

This list would serve two purposes -
1. help me realize what I am actually stuffing in that thing and then edit edit edit
2. on the return home I'll know if I left anything ( i did this on last photo shoot and realized I was missing something and proceeded to blame all the "b*&*h models" and then found it in my desk drawer... so that list has burned me before but I think I can make it work for good.

and lastly -

long red on top of my head