Laura Bear Likes...

Well, it's finally sandal season.... yeah... remember all these cute sandal options?
Well, I didn't go with any of those as my feet are preggers swollen.
I need some serious support; preferably in an extra wide version... I know...doesn't sound cute.

I tried to wear 2 inch heels for an hour the other day; paid for it for hours afterwards. 
Hence my search for some supportive sandals that come in extra wide and are cute.

1 /// 2 ///

My sister has worn Sunjuns for years in classic black. 
After inquiring with her, realizing they come in extra wide and pinning these,
 I decided to go for it. Boy am I glad I went for it.

I also ordered these... Birks...extra wide and easy to slip on.... 
Pics of dorkiness / junior high flash-backs to come.

Another pair I decided to order are these. At $13, leather and made in USA, how can I not?!

Also I somehow just discovered Zara Mum. This shirt is so comfy for the growing belly and only 7.99!
I have a feeling I will be wearing it long after bebe comes. 

So all in all.... extra wide shoes + a trunk full of flowers for planting + 1/2 doz of doughnuts...
= one happy preggers lady!