Laura Bear made... Cherry Lime Popsicles

It's July!! and you know what that means... summahsummah time!
It's time to eat popsicles every day before noon, and rock sticky drip spots on your kitchen floor ...(what, just me?!)

Well this is less of a recipe and more of a... you're gonna wanna do this right now, type of thing.

I bought these popsicle molds... which are awesome... but they are a bit big... so I picked up some wood popsicle sticks to make them smaller...

Buy some limeade or even better, cherry limeade, throw in some sliced cherries and freeze.

Yes yes yes this is what summer is all about here folks!

ps- cute are these rocket popsicle molds?
...these stainless steel ones are super chic
....and this traditional double barrel variety looks classic..snap em in half and share with a friend! love it.
... Plus I have other yummy popsicle recipe ideas over here.