OTK Boots - shot by my 2 year old daughter

My plan was to take a few pictures of Ila down at the park. We like to include one in our christmas cards. Well this year ila was very insistent that "I do it. I do it".

Therefore, I put the camera on a tripod and let her shoot away. It turned into an #ootd post. ;)

I did manage to get a few pictures of her as well as set the timer and get a few shots of the both of us <3. She would smush her little face up against the camera, push the shutter and then run run run over to me just in time for the camera to "click". It was awesome. 

About our get-ups ... my over the knee boots, or as the kids are calling them OTK Boots, are from Forever 21 here. I have had my eye on some over the knee boots for a few months, but just couldn't swing the price tag, especially for something this "trendy". So I decided to give these cheap guys a try. 

On that note, here is an interesting article regarding shoes that are manufactured in China. 

Jacket is Old Navy, jeans are from here, Black button-up is from my shop here, sunglasses are vintage but I'm dreaming of these, diamond "Milestone" band from Mark the Milestone (launching soon stay tuned!), opal ring here and watch here.
Ila's sweater is from Baby Gap last year, but look at the one the have this year (!) here.


That was so much fun, we are going to drag Nathan down there and do it again for a family portrait... my little budding photog. Ila! xo