Baby Bear Books

We have a few favorite books around here. And by favorite, I mean ones that baby bear will actually look at for more than two seconds.
This Pantone Colors one is a big hit with her rods and cones,
and seeing as orchid was chosen as the "Pantone Color of the Year" for 2014, I thought today would be a good day to showcase this awesome board book.
{side note: purple is my least favorite color... but I looovved it when I was 12. OK? ok.}

^^^OK so that is not exactly the color of the year above... but it's purple and it's "orchid" so whatever.

A few other books that are a go around here....
 Opposites and Hello Kitty Hello Winter <-- surprisingly cute. we also have the hello fall.

Lastly, since we are on baby stuff...
 I love those soothies in yellow. 
I don't know why but the ubiquitous teal green ones and the pink and purple ones just hurt my eyes.

Also, unimpressed with the AngelCare baby monitor. It beeps if your baby stops breathing, which is a great idea to all new moms, but that's just way too much for me.
Also, it feels cheap considering the price tag!

OK! That's enough baby talk! WOW When did I become such a MOM!?